Raman Spectroscopy
10-11 April 2024

Staff: Dr. P. de Peinder (VibSpec)

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Raman spectroscopy is a powerful identification and structural tool, which has gained ground in recent years. This two-day course focuses on the practical aspects of this technique as complementary to infrared.

The aim of the course is to familiarise participants with the capabilities and limitations of Raman spectroscopy, and to discuss how this technique can be successfully applied. Among the subjects dealt with are:

- basic theory
- instrumentation
- techniques
- quantitative and qualitative aspects
- molecular symmetry and selection rules
- interpretation of spectra
- capabilities and limitations
- applications

There will be ample time for informal discussions, and participants are encouraged to consult the staff on problems of particular interest. The course is beneficial to both, starters as well as spectroscopists with some experience. Basic knowledge of infrared spectroscopy as well as some background in chemistry is assumed.

The course consists of lectures, work sessions and demonstrations. The course will be held in Utrecht.
The course takes 2 days, 9.00-16.30 h, with breaks for coffee/tea and lunch.

The registration fee for this course is € 1600,- (ex. VAT). The fee includes all tuition, course lecture notes, lunches, refreshments. PhD students receive a reduction of 10% on the course fee. The number of participants per course is limited. Course language contingent on the participants; course material in English.

Course co-ordination:
Dr. Peter de Peinder